Entry Fees

Fees for Texas Educational Shakespeare Festival:


1. Entry fees are $10 per student per event. The fees must be paid for each student in each group. If students drop out TESF does not refund the fee. If students are added, the school or coach must pay the additional fee, which can be paid at registration on the day of the festival.

  1. Audition Monologue: A school may have multiple entries in this category. If one student is entered, the fee is $10. If two students are entered (each competing separately), the fee is $20.
  2. Large group scenes can have 3–6 students, so the entry fee would range from $30 to $60, depending on the number of students performing.


TESF school fee is $50 per school. School fee may be paid separately, or with the registration at the Festivals. School fee must be paid if a teacher wishes to enter students in a festival.

Students – Snack bar will have breakfast items, Pizza at lunch, and various snacks and drinks for sale. Drama teachers (coaches), judges, and adults chaperons (working adult helpers) – We will provide a hospitality room with snacks, coffee, and donated lunch items.

*NO outside food or drink may be brought anywhere in the building except the cafeteria.
*Students may NOT leave the building. All food should be brought from home or purchased at festival.


  1. A late fee of $50 per school will be assessed if registration fees have not been received by

    NOVEMBER 15, 2013. . NOTES:

    1. Fees can be received by mail up to NOVEMBER 15TH.
    2. DO NOT send any- thing that TESF must sign for.
    3. Fees can be temporarily paid by a personal check made out to the host school for the full sum that is

      owed, with a HOLD requested for the check. These checks will be held until a school check is received or until festival day. If replaced by a school check on the day of festival or before, the personal check will be shredded. If not replaced, it will be deposited the Monday after festival.

  2. The late fee will double for each consecutive time that a school is delinquent with their registration payment.
  3. Any school that has not met all financial obligations from a previous festival will not be eligible to register for any subsequent festivals until the Treasurer has verified that its account has been cleared.

    Full payment is DUE no later than: FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 15, 2013. School checks should be made to: South Houston Theatre Department

ALL FEES MUST BE PAID IN FULL BY THE DATE OF THE FESTIVAL or your school will not be permitted to compete! You may hold with a personal check (including late fee); however, if no school check is received your personal check will be deposited the Monday following the festival.

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